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CTEF 2020 The 12th Shanghai International
չص Shanghai New International Expo Centre China 쵥λ China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association (CCIEA)
а쵥λ ֵ֧λ Shanghai Chemical Industry Association
ٿʱ August 26, 2020 ʱ August 28, 2020


August 26-28, 2020

Shanghai New International Expo Centre China



China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association (CCIEA)

China Chemical Enterprise Management Association (CCEMA)

China Chemical Industrial Mechanism Power Technology Association

Guang Dong Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association

Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of Guang Dong

Zhenwei Exhibition Group


Shanghai Chemical Industry Association

Shanghai Coatings and Dyestuff Trade Association

Jiangsu Valve Industry Association

Jiangsu Association of Petrochemical Equipment

Zhejiang Pump & Valve Industry Association

British Pump manufacturers' Association Limited (BPMA)

Jiang Xi Association of Environmental Protection Industry


Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

"13th Five-Year Plan" enters the adjustment period; The chemical equipment market challenges and opportunities coexisting

2020 is the closing year of the 13th Five-Year Plan. China's economic development entered a period of structural adjustment, and the government continued to strengthen supervision. Most chemical production enterprises gradually moved into industry parks and implemented intensive development. On the other hand, China has revised and issued a new list of foreign investment access to further open up the market. The demand for new technologies and equipment for safety, environmental protection and energy saving is increasing all over the industry. The market for separation and filtration equipment, high-efficiency heat exchangers, evaporative crystallizers, micro-reactors, chemical waste treatment equipment, safety explosion-proof equipment, intelligent instrumentation and other chemical equipment is on the rise.

Chosen by 800 domestic and foreign companies, the scale of CTEF will expand in 2020

The last exhibition welcomed more than 620 domestic and foreign companies to exhibit new technologies and equipment. International companies include HERMETIC, BECKHOFF, TÜV Rheinland, GP-TECH, Heat Transfer Research (HTRI), TSI, MF TECNO, IECT, KEM Energy, ST Engineering, Kärcher, TCT (Ti Casting), Graphite Technology, TECO Group, STIF, CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIE, EXEN, etc. Domestic enterprises include Shanghai Electric, Huada Centrifuge, CSSC Nanjing Luzhou Machine, Juneng Machinery, Huaxiang Centrifuge, Dazhang Filtration, Guizhou Micro-Chemical Technology, E-Zheng Tech, Oushisheng, Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology, FRAPP'S Chemical Engineering, Lanbin Petrochemical Equipment, Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment, Jiema Heat Transfer, Sunevap, Myande Group, Conqinphi Energy Tech, Jinlong Machinery, Gaojie Light Industry Equipment, SENON, Turbovap, Saishan Powder, Yuchen Machinery, Gaohong Machinery, Zhuwei Automation Machinery, Aode Machinery, Anguil Environmental, Savings Environmental, Xitu Environmental, Keying Environmental, Nanjing New Power, Accele-tech, JoyFa Environmental, Wesxs, Ruida Environmental, South Chemical Pump, Huazhong Vacuum, Yatai Pump, Hangzhou Alkali Pump, ELM Vacuum, Zibo Vacuum, Runflow, Youfumi, Tanggong Valve, Lianggong Valve, Chuxin Flange, Xintai Valve, Teyi Valve, Jitai Valve, etc.

The 12th CTEF will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on August 26-28, 2020, concurrent with the 12th Shanghai International Environmental Chemical Technology & Equipment Fair and the 12th Shanghai International Chemical PumpValve & Pipeline Fair. In order to meet the exhibiting needs of more enterprises, CTEF2020 will add an extra exhibit hall, with a total exhibition area of 40,000 square meters. It is expected to have more than 800 exhibitors and 40,000 professional visitors. The organizer will continue the whole industry chain exhibition thinking and strive to create an "annual international advanced chemical manufacturing event" to promote the integration of China's chemical industry.

CTEF Buyers Procurement Matchmaking Meeting - An efficient, accurate and reliable platform

CTEF Buyers Procurement Matchmaking Meeting is a featured event of CTEF. It aims to create an efficient, accurate and reliable supply and demand exchange platform for both exhibitors and buyers. The organizing committee has invested heavily in sourcing potential buyers at home and abroad, and providing full-time VIP services such as transportation, accommodation and personalized reception for interested buyers. According to procurement needs, organizing committee accurately matches buyers with high-quality exhibitors. Perfect combination is the goal to be achieved. The last meeting attracted buyers from South Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iran, Egypt, Romania and other countries along the Belt and Road, and it was well received by both parties. Organizing committee will further expand the scale and improve the quality of the meeting.

High-quality visitor groups followed; Comprehensive visitor invitation to guarantee the effectiveness of the exhibition

CTEF2019 attracted more than 80 large visitor groups to the site, including Shanghai Chemical Industry Association, Shanghai Coatings and Dyestuff Trade Association, Shanghai Baoshan Welding Technology Association, Zhejiang Association of Membrane Industry, Hangzhou Bay Economic & Technical Development Park, Shanghai Jinshan Second Industrial Zone, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, BASF, Akzo Nobel, 3F, Huntsman, Evonik, Huayi, Nippon Paint, Shanghai Dyestuff Chemical Plant, Shanghai Chemical Fiber, hg707.com, hcbbs.com, ybzhan.cn, hbzhan.com, and other associations, parks, enterprises and media visitor groups. Among them, the number of visitors from Shanghai Chemical Industry Association and the Shanghai Coatings and Dyestuff Trade Association exceeded 100. Throughout the year, the organizing committee promotes the exhibition through telephone, email, online promotion, self-media, media release, field promotion, domestic and international exhibitions, conference sponsorship, etc., to ensure the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the invitation work.

Hundreds of authoritative media reports throughout the event, helping exhibitors improve brand reputation

People's Daily Online, Morning News, Ecns.cn, Sina, NetEase, ifeng, Tencent, China Chemical Industry News, CPCIF, Chemical Daily, PROCESS, ChemIndustry.com, hg707.com, hcbbs.com, hc360.com, Guidechem.com, goootech.com, hbzhan.com, huanbao.bjx.com.cn, bf35.com, liuti.cn, and so on. More than 100 domestic and foreign media will report the whole process of CTEF, all-round support for exhibitors brand communication and reputation improvement.

Range of Exhibits

1. Complete sets of device & equipment of chemical engineering

2. Equipment for separation & filtration, concentration & drying, extraction & purification

3. Equipment for crushing, feeding and mixture

4. Reaction and mass transfer equipment

5. Equipment for heat transfer, refrigeration and other heat treatment

6. Industrial cleaning & anticorrosion technology equipment

7. Safety protection, equipment maintenance and management

8. Storage, transportation and packing technology & pressure vessel

9. Pumps, valves, pipelines and other fluid machinery

10. Sealing equipment & accessories

11. Instruments & industrial automation equipment

12. Process control system & software

Fees (CNY)




Standard Booth

Domestic Exhibition Area: ¥13,000/9O, 

¥15,000/9O (Double Opening)

International Exhibition Area: ¥30,000/9O

1) Single Booth Space: 9O (3M3M)

2) Equipped with:

Ÿ Booth construction and dismantling

Ÿ Stand partitions (Height: 2.5m)

Ÿ Wall-to-wall carpet

Ÿ Fascia with company name and booth number

Ÿ 1 consultation desk, 2 chairs

Ÿ Fluorescent lamp

Ÿ 1 power socket (5A, 220V, max 500W)

Raw Space

Domestic Exhibition Area:


International Exhibition Area:


1) Minimum size: 36O, with no facility; Administrative fee: ¥40/O

2) Construction must done by an appointed contractor of the organizing committee

Exhibition Catalogue Advertisement

Ÿ Front Cover: ¥25,000

Ÿ Back Cover: ¥20,000

Ÿ Title Page: ¥18,000

Ÿ Inside Front/Back Cover: ¥15,000

Ÿ Colored Page: ¥8,000

Page Size: W: 130mmH: 210mm

Technical Workshop


Meeting room, AV equipment, signage, drinking water included

Other Marketing Opportunities

Visitor Guide, Exhibition Express, Mass-emailing, WeChat, Website, Media, Non-woven bag, Visitor/exhibitor badge, Outdoor advertising, Hanging flag, Gift sponsor, etc.

Please contact Organizing Committee for details

To participate, please fill in and stamp the CTEF Application Contract, and send it to:

Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Room403, No.2433 Xingangdong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510310

Contact: Mr. Yong Liu

Mobile/WeChat: 13609717093

Phone: +86-20-8989 9350      Fax: +86-20-8395 3200

Email: liuyong@zhenweiexpo.com


Room403, No.2433 Xingangdong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510310 Contact: Mr. Yong Liu Mobile/WeChat: 13609717093 Phone: +86-20-8989 9350 Fax: +86-20-8395 3200 Email: liuyong@zhenweiexpo.com www.ctef.net


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